Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Say My Name

 Any publicity is good publicity, they say. CCME got face time in the Daily News today. Check it out:
Temple student Stephen Stofka, who started the Facebook group Concerned Citizens for Market East, said that there's almost no signage on Market East now, at least none that you can see from Independence Mall.
"There's an invisible wall here," he said at 6th and Market. "Why would anyone walk up there? It looks boring."
Stofka walked around Market East and The Gallery for an hour one recent day with the Daily News, unable to hide his concern.
"It's not rocket science to know that this parking lot shouldn't be here - it's taking up valuable land," he said, pointing to a street-level lot at 8th and Market, also known as "The Disney Hole." (Disney's plans for an indoor amusement park at the site failed.)
The Goldenberg Group owns two acres on Market between 8th and 9th. Senior partner Robert W. Freedman said in a statement that the company is "continually analyzing retail, hotel, entertainment and office uses to sculpt a dynamic mixed-use project that will add vitality to Market Street East."
Ain't that nice?

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