Philadelphia2050 is one of the key ideas underlining this blog. The need for transportation infrastructure investment is urgent, and Philadelphia2050 is a roadmap there for our little part of the Northeast. It is also the crown jewel of my planning efforts so far.

The gist of Philadelphia2050 is:
  1. A massively expanded streetcar and light rail system for the City and the densest suburbs just to its west. More interurban light rail is proposed throughout PA and DE, as well as a network of same focused on Camden.
  2. Aggressive expansion of the heavy rail network into three interwoven sub-networks, built by and large with a north-south focus.
  3. Aggressive expansion of the commuter rail network to access the vast majority of the historic small towns in the Philadelphia area.
Apart from these three elements, a bus network is elucidated, and the need for a unified bicycle plan bought forth. Some roadway needs are also talked about.

The point of Philadelphia2050 is that it will allow one to get from anywhere in the Philadelphia metropolitan area to anywhere else, quickly and easily--without a car. The total thrust of the plan would offer Philadelphia more multimodal access than anywhere else in the country.