Thursday, June 2, 2011

TransitView Goes Live

TransitView screenshot, 5:45 PM, 2 June 2011
Check this out. It's the 10 trolley on SEPTA's new TransitView technology. Just gone live a few days ago, it allows anyone to track any bus, trolley, or trackless trolley real-time with GPS data. This is something even the MTA is still piloting.

SEPTA, I have to give you props. You may still not have real-time subway information at your stations (seriously, how hard is it?) but between the real-time information available at (many) Regional Rail stations and on the web, and this TransitView technology, planning a mass-transit trip in Philadelphia, and compensating for late buses, is now easier than ever. In fact, it might now be easier here to coordinate across modes than anywhere else in the U.S.

Notice, by the way, that the URL is Switch out ### with whatever route you want information on (10, 17, 65, 99, whatever*) and you can easily toggle between routes on TransitView just using your browser's URL bar.

Let's pop in on this link too, soon. It's not quite live yet, but when it is, it'll rock. Tip to Temple students: remember stop IDs 1277, 16111, and 5328. These are the stop IDs for Center City-bound routes from Main Campus: 1277 is Cecil B. Moore station, 16111 is 12th and Berks (23), and 5328 is Broad and Berks (C).
* Caveat: I'm not getting it to work with lettered routes (C, G, L, H, XH) right now.

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