Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Quinnipiac Bypass

An extension of the Along the Shore program developed earlier.
This thingy
In that post, I worried about bypassing strong curvature just east of New Haven, and I put in a tangent line at the best alignment I thought I could find.
Original tangent line
My worrying is all for naught, though, because I had confused the locations of Union Station and State Street station. Having fixed that, I followed Alon's recommendation that
[t]his project ... start right at New Haven Union Station, cross the Quinnipiac River at a new bridge near US 1 and the new I-95 bridge, follow I-95 to the state line, and then cut across barely-populated territory to the Shore Line at Kingston, where it straightens.
as far as Lake Saltonsall, because I think the existing line has adequate curvature from there to Old Saybrook, and certainly an adequate curvature envelope to further improve speeds.
Quinnipiac Bypass of sharp curvature northeast of New Haven
The replacement Quinnipiac Bypass is shown above.

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