Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Society Hill-Mt. Airy Line

Along with Pennsport-Andorra, the Society Hill-Mt. Airy Line forms the second half of the Loop backbone. This line is the Germantown Avenue backbone, connecting the sections of this area where transit access currently is relatively poor. Additionally, it stretches east, servicing Society Hill and Penns Landing.

This line would lie between the two major spines of North Philadelphia, the Broad Street Line and the Pennsport-Andorra Line. Its major purposes would be to (a) serve Mount Airy and central Germantown, (b) serve lower and central North Philadelphia, (c) to serve western and southern sections of Center City, and (d) to serve several institutions along the way, primarily the Eastern State Penitentiary and Girard College.

Another feature of this line is its expandability: this line can easily be extended along Front or the Delaware, should demand permit. Combined with the Pennsport-Andorra line's first phase, the first phase of this line, along with the Lindenwold Line, is envisioned as the 2025 system core, the Loop skeleton these lines sprout from.

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