Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Crossing the Lines

Do any of you remember the line from Ghostbusters "Never cross the beams"? Chekhov's Gun--at the end of the movie they had to. This blog is dedicated to doing just that--crossing the beams and looking for new ways of thinking about things. And since it's about transportation, and transportation is all about lines, it's "Crossing the Lines".

A large part of what drives this, too, is the pressing need for a high-quality Philadelphia-centric transportation blog, like Cap'n Transit and the Second Avenue Sagas in New York, or Greater Greater Washington down in D.C. We need to talk about issues like the underperfomance of our subway system, and the overengineering of Amtrak's current Northeast HSR proposal viz. Philadelphia County, a blog gives voice, and with a voice minds can be changed or made.

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