Friday, November 11, 2011

Tactical Urbanism: Shared Streets Edition

Now we have two tactical urbanism tools to encourage shared streets.

1. No Parking signs. Like in Malibu, of all places. Yes, I'm serious. Wash West has the highest shared-street quotient in the city, and many of these streets have strong--signposted--No Parking regulations in place, as well as bollards preventing parallel parking on sidewalks. (In saying this, I retract my previous post on the subject: I was clearly wrong). The easiest way to make this happen, if you live on a Small Street, would be to contact your block (group) captain and request that on-street parking be removed from your block and it be turned into a shared space (a tour through Wash West may be helpful here). If that doesn't work, more...tactical solutions may be needed.

2. Pedestrian sharrows. Create a large stencil and paint it at the head of a small street.
Like so.

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